Frequently asked questions

I can only pay online for the order I’ve placed. This scares me a bit. Is it really secure?

You can rest assured. The online payment fully complies with the banking regulations and takes place via the secure “SSL PAYMENT” system provided by Ogone. This system is approved by the Central Service for Information System Security. Its encryption process ensures the complete confidentiality of the information you send. Besides, the entire electronic transaction takes place on the highly secure Ogone platform, where your financial data is treated in a completely secure way.

I can’t find my question on this list. Is there any way I can send it to you?

The best way is to use our contact form available on the page ‘Contact us’. That way you will be sending us the adequate information, allowing us to reply as soon as possible. You will find all our other contact details (postal address, phone number) on this same page. Or, if you wish to contact us by email directly, please use the following email address:

I can’t find the reference and/or the characteristics of the lenses prescribed by my ophthalmologist on your website. What should I do?

It’s very simple: contact our Customer Service and they will run a search for you. They will most certainly fulfil your order as soon as possible and at the best conditions.

I don’t live in Belgium. Can I still place an order via the Lenseo website?

Yes. We currently deliver to all Euro Zone countries. So you can place an order if you’re living in one of the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Spain.

I have a prescription from my ophthalmologist, but I can no longer see properly. Can I order stronger lenses by myself, without a new prescription?

No. Only your ophthalmologist will be able to prescribe the correct lens power and adapt its characteristics to the exact evolution of your eyesight. You should book an appointment as soon as possible. Afterwards, you can place your order, based on his or her medical prescription.

I would like to order cosmetic contact lenses. As this doesn’t involve eyesight correction, I don’t need a prescription from an ophthalmologist, do I?

WRONG! There are contraindications to wearing contact lenses and you could really damage your eyes by wearing unsuitable lenses. So you will have to see an ophthalmologist. He or she will carry out all the necessary tests to check whether contact lenses are suitable for your eyes. He or she will also take all the measurements to ensure that the lens is adapted to your eye’s characteristics. And above all, he or she will teach you how to properly insert and remove your contact lenses.

I’m looking for specific information on how to use the lenses I’d like to buy. Where can I find this?

You won’t find it on our website. We recommend that you ask your ophthalmologist, or else consult the literature on the brand of your lenses, either on the manufacturer’s website, or in the catalogues available at your optician’s. Your eyes are an extremely serious matter. Contact a specialist for advice, and Lenseo for the cheapest replacement of your lenses, with complete peace of mind.

I’ve found an old prescription from my ophthalmologist. Is it still valid?

If the prescription is over a year old then it’s no longer valid. You should book a new appointment with your ophthalmologist in order to obtain a prescription suited to your current eyesight.

I’ve never worn contact lenses before. Can I still place an order via your website?

No. The service Lenseo offers solely concerns the replacement of contact lenses and their maintenance products. It is therefore essential to consult an eye specialist before placing an order. Only an ophthalmologist is allowed to carry out all the necessary tests and provide adequate prescriptions. Moreover, there are contraindications to wearing contact lenses. Better not take any risks with your eyes, they’re precious! Please book an appointment with an ophthalmologist now.

Prices on Lenseo are really unbeatable. How do you manage to guarantee such low prices? Are your lenses of inferior quality?

Absolutely not. We get our lenses directly from manufacturers of leading and well-known brands, such as Bausch & Lomb, Cooper Vision, Ciba Vision, and Johnson & Johnson. This direct supply, together with the volume of our orders, and particularly the fact that we take care of all the logistics, ensure the lowest prices. The products on offer on our website are authentic, identical to those you would buy at an opticians, but far less expensive.

What more has Lenseo to offer, compared to rival websites?

Not only do we offer the lowest prices, but we also have control over the entire retail process, from the moment you place your order on our website to the delivery to your home. Lenseo is operated by a company called Etisoft which takes care of stock management and orders, preparation and dispatch of parcels. In short, it’s a single company with a single aim: allowing you to replace your lenses with complete peace of mind. We take care of the rest!

Will I get a refund from my mutual insurance company for the lenses I buy on the Lenseo website?

Yes. Our invoice contains all the information necessary for submission to your mutual insurance company.