Health Information

Pratical Information

Rules of hygiene

Always wash your hands and dry them carefully before handling your contact lenses. As your hands will come into contact with your eyes they should always be scrupulously clean.

How to insert your contact lenses

Stand in front of a mirror and rinse the contact lens with the cleaning solution or if it’s a daily disposable lens, simply take it out if its packaging. Place the lens on your index finger and lower your bottom eyelid using the middle finger of the same hand. Lift your upper eyelid with your other hand while keeping your finger on your lower eyelid. Your eye is now wide open. Look straight ahead without letting go of your eyelids and place the lens carefully on your eye. Look briefly downwards before letting go of your eyelids so as to position the lens on your eye’s iris. Then blink a few times in order to ensure that the lens places itself correctly and you have perfect vision. If your contact lenses are non-disposable you should throw away the liquid from the case and leave it to dry during the day. Make sure you replace the maintenance solution daily.

How to remove your contact lenses

First of all, don’t forget to carefully wash your hands. Then, spread your eyelids like when you insert your lenses, looking upwards. Then delicately slide it over the white part of your eye using your index finger. If it’s a non-disposable lens, replace it in its case.

Standard precautions

The advice below is provided as a rough guide and does not exempt you from consulting your ophthalmologist beforehand.

Lenseo offers a service of replacement of contact lenses and their maintenance products. It is therefore essential that you see an eye specialist before placing an order. Only an ophthalmologist is qualified to carry out all the tests and provide you with the correct prescription. In addition, there are a number of contraindications to wearing contact lenses. So do not put your eyes at risk – they’re precious! Book an appointment with an eye specialist now.